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How to Increase Positive Business Reviews

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

How do business reviews help?

In a survey conducted by Nielsen, a global data and analytics company leader, 92% of consumers trust suggestions from friends and family. This type of inbound traffic is “earned” or “free” traffic. In addition, 90% of consumers trust online business reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Online consumer reviews are the second most trusted source of brand information and messaging. The process of researching a company is straightforward- type in a company in Google Search and navigate down to the bottom of the right sidebar, also known as the “Google Knowledge Panel.”

Businesses should strive to get positive reviews, but bad reviews can also provide valuable insight into what is going on. Bad reviews are opportunities for improvement.

Cannot get positive feedback?

  1. In most cases, when a customer is satisfied with their business transaction, they want to carry on with their life.

  2. No one can expect their customers to voluntarily go out of their way to say that the product or service worked as expected because they are busy.

  3. There is no precise location for the customers to leave a review, and they are not inclined to search for it.

  4. Most often, the customer forgot to write the review.

In sharp contrast, a dissatisfied customer who has a bad experience with a business will pull out all the stops to leave a lengthy and detailed review.

More positive business reviews: How to get them?

Make it easy for customers to leave positive feedback on popular services like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Always make sure the business listing has the correct, up-to-date information, then ask users kindly via email or phone call.

The most efficient way to ask for a review is through online review management systems; these applications with a platform that automatically messages customers with a request to review and then reminds them later if they do not complete. Several reputable services can set up an automated workflow, including a link to a landing page to collect and funnel the positive reviews to the critical review sites. An easy-to-read dashboard provides a quick overview of all reviews, progress, and responses.

How to Simplify It

Quick Response (QR) Codes. (Wait, what is a QR Code?) By implementing QR codes, entities can print the code on a document of print media that redirects straight to the landing page when scanned by a smartphone.

Make it known to customers that they will be rewarded directly because of the reviews they write; this will generate some genuine digital buzz. It would even be worthwhile to offer vouchers or free items for positive reviews. The more valuable the reviews, the more value the voucher should be. Careful with this. Businesses can get in trouble.

Unfavorable business reviews: How to stop them?

If someone wants to leave a bad review, how do we divert them from review sites?

As discussed previously, users have an option to review a business with easy accessibility. Upon closer examination, this landing page does more than collect reviews and pipe them into review sites.

Say theoretically; a customer is asked to give a rating between one and five before receiving any other options from this landing page. A customer who has left a four- or five-star review can share their review on any review site connected to the platform.

For customers who leave a three-star review or less, ask them to fill out additional information about their experience and inform an appropriate person at the company, instead of sharing their review on review sites.

At that point, communicate with the customer directly. With that customer’s approval, there is a chance to turn a blistering review into one that will speak volumes about the level of customer service provided.

Business review acquisition: Crucial aspects

Every business/campaign should have a system in place to respond to reviews to ensure customer satisfaction. In light of that, businesses need to ensure the right people are notified as soon as possible about positive and negative reviews. The speed of a business’ response and the quality of the response are both crucial. The customer experience should be easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and straightforward in an effort to create better reviews.

In order to improve brand recognition, leverage interactive digital channels that target customers are actively using. In addition, utilize reviews on a cross-functional basis. In essence, displaying positive reviews on review sites themselves is also helpful to place positive reviews on social media channels. Countless business owners fail to understand how powerful positive tool reviews can be. Improved online reviews have a direct correlation with increased sales.

Want to know how you can leverage the power of customer reviews?

Get a FREE demo and consultation. Bridges Consulting will check current reviews across critical review sites and provide a detailed report. We will also strategize with you ways in which your business can get more customer reviews.

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